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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated Post About Our Trip to Oregon!

It's been 4 weeks since our trip already, I'm such a terrible blogger!

Upon our arrival at PDX Josh's sister picked us up and took us straight to a brew pub down the street from her apartment. The place was Sasquatch Brewing Co.  I knew we were in Portland when our server was telling us about the specials and said, "...and your vegetarian option for tonight is..." That sort of thing NEVER happens in Kansas!

We played it cool that night and stayed in.  Josh and I were super tired from our long day of travel and we needed to adjust to the two hour time difference.  In the morning we walked down the block to a little park area that had food carts.  We had some delicious gluten-free waffles and then stopped by the farmers market.  I have never seen such colorful shiny berries in my life!  I'm certain I'll never have a berry quite and delicious as those.

We also got some kale, tomatoes, peppers, lemon cucumbers, pesto, jerky, and cider.

That day we met up with our friends, Matt and Emily for an early dinner (using our farmers market loot) and then headed to the park for a movie!  We arrived early to get a decent spot and then played bocce ball until dark.

They take bocce very seriously.
Monday, we explored the city and later met up with Emily who took Josh and I to the coast. We got there at sunset, which was totally perfect! As we got ready to leave the lookout we got a special treat!  The local elk herd decided to show itself. 

We camped that night at a nearby campground so we could enjoy the whole next day at the ocean.  In the morning we went to a surfer cove and watched the waves and drank some beers while lounging in the sand.

Josh and Em walking Hug Point.
Later we went to another beach where we had to brave the waves to get around some rocks to get to a place called Hug Point where the Oregon Trail passed along the beach.  It's this rock trail that is only passable at low tide.  There are anchors in the rock still that the wagons used to keep from being swept off into the ocean.  As a girl who was enamored with the idea of the Oregon trail, it was so exciting to be able to walk a part of history.
The anchors at Hug Point. 

Josh and I at Hug Point.

Next we went to a coastal town and had a fresh seafood dinner before heading to the beach again to see some tide pools.  We saw anemones, star fish, tiny crabs and lots of seagulls. Needless to say, the coast was my most favorite part of the trip.  

I convinced Josh to pretend like he likes me!
After getting home from the coast we quickly showered and went downtown to hang out at what is now Josh's favorite place in Portland, Ground Control.  It's a 21+ arcade where all the games are classics from childhood AND they serve beer!  And because it's Portland, it's good beer!  We spent a lot of quarters that night!

The next day was the day we planned to go to the Columbia River Gorge.  It was also the only rainy day we had all week.  The view wasn't quite as spectacular as it would have been but something about the mist and fog made it pretty great anyway.  While there we climbed Beacon Rock.  It's 500ft tall but the path up to the top (which was hand built nearly 100 years ago) is a mile.  

On Beacon Rock.
View of the Columbia River Gorge from the top of Beacon Rock.
After the day on the gorge we hurried back to downtown Portland 
for a brew tour on a picnic table you must pedal in order to get to the next brewery. It was pretty fun way to see the city and get to drink some delicious beer.

The next morning was time to head back east, to Colorado for a wedding.  Our friends committed their lives to each other high in the mountains just days before the floods came.  

After the wedding we headed back to the heartland.  We were so happy to be home, shower in our bathroom, sleep in our bed and have our own space again.  It was a great vacation, and we definitely will go back. 

If you're interested in looking at my art prints visit my page! Heather Peters Photography Or if we're friends on facebook, all edited and unedited photos will be posted there!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kansas State Fair - 100th Year!

I know this isn't the post you all were hoping for, but after a nine day vacation and going straight back to work, I haven't had time or energy to sort through and edit any of our Portland vacation pictures.  That will come this weekend.

In the meantime, the State Fair is town and it is celebrating it's 100th birthday!  Sadly I was too lazy and uninspired to enter any photos this year so I have no news there.  I did however get my yearly photo with the best scarecrow in Kansas.

Bardo the Clown

This is Bardo the Clown.  I don't know much about Bardo but I know he was a much loved character for this area.  He was an artist and painted many signs and garbage barrels at the state fair grounds.  He lived on the grounds for many decades.  In January he past away, which was a huge bummer for the community since he wouldn't be able to see the 100th state fair.  He lives on in this grand champion scarecrow though!

If you want to relive the last several scarecrows click here to see last years post.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Dyed Yarn!

Finally a blog post about my yarn dying adventure!  Overall I'd say it went well.  I used the microwave method and some leftover bulk yarn I had laying around.  I picked up the dyes and a book on hand dying techniques at a local yarn shop.

First I soaked my yarn, then put it in the water vinegar mixture.  I poured my mixed dyes over the top of the yarn and since it was so bulky I poked it down with a spoon to help it penetrate all the yarn.

After it cooled down, I rinsed it and hung it to dry, and later re-skeined it.  I didn't know what to do with it and bulky isn't my favorite weight yarn anyway so I gave it to my friend who knitted it up for me into a great hat!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

When the Husband is away...

...The wife will do things the husband has put off and won't help her with so that he can't argue about the outcome.

We've had plans to hang photos and things on the wall in our middle room for a while.  Although a large collage wall was Josh's idea he has been less than enthusiastic about hanging anything.  Meanwhile, I've been collecting frames and photos to be hung.

Last week Josh was gone for a training in Alabama.  I don't have much going on when he is gone and staring at that empty room was getting to me.  I've had all the command picture hanging hooks for a while so I just went for it and hung a few things.

And then it came to me... This room could actually be a functioning space!  We hadn't done anything with it because we thought it had to be a dining room and we for many reasons, didn't want it to be a dining room.  I didn't have all of the pieces I needed to make it what I had envisioned but I thought if I could set it up right maybe I could sell the idea to Josh.

What I surprised Josh with.
Our final product!
As you can see Josh totally bought into it!  It makes the house feel so much more inviting and homey.  We have more frames and photos to hang but this is a thousand times better than it was!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Great Wind of 2013

It happened on a Thursday.

The winds picked up.

The clouds to the South west grew dark.

Josh calls, "Turn on the TV - channel 12.  It's about the get bad."

I turn on the TV.  I look out the window, it's raining.

The winds are blowing straight and hard.  Branches next door have fallen, Leaves are swirling.

Lights flicker and go dark. The cable goes out.  Unsure of what is about to happen I take Mabel and Teddy to the basement.  Then we hear it.

We didn't know what it was at the time but we all jumped.

The winds calmed but the rain and thunder continued.  We go upstairs and see something out the back door that isn't usually there.

A tree.  A HUGE tree.

Once the rain stops and I am able to inspect the damage, I find that it's more than one tree, it's TWO HUGE TREES!  We are so lucky that the trees fell  across the yard.  The damage (as far as we can tell) is minimal, the garage and a back window.

Josh comes home.  He is totally shocked.  In the message I left him I left him he was under the impression it was just a large branch, not two trees! We heard later that winds were clocked in town at 88mph!

It's really difficult to get a decent photo that captures the real extremity of the situation.  We can't even begin clean up until we have all the right quotes for tree removal and damage sent in to the insurance company.  Poor Teddy doesn't have a back yard and you can tell he misses it.

View out the back door.

Tree #1

Tree #2

Garage Damage

Window Damage

Because we were out of power, lines down, Thursday, we stayed with friends Thursday night.  Friday, Teddy was able to come to work with me (we still didn't have power. lines still down).  The two youngest kiddos didn't really care that he was there, but the oldest - she and Ted are now besties! She whispered him secrets, gave him treats, played fetch with him and even asked when he was going to come over again.  Much to my delight Ted tolerated, probably even loved, every moment of it!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stitchin' Wednesday: Knit Dishcloth

Wah-lah! A dishcloth!

I've had this great recycled cotton yarn from a local yarn shop for a while and wasn't sure what to do with it.  It is made cotton from the garment industry that would otherwise be thrown out. It is rescued and spun to make this super soft durable cotton yarn!

I loved it so much I bought some more yarn and intend on making a few more in a couple different colors.

Can't get much more homespun and repurposed than recycled cotton yarn into a reusable/washable dishcloth!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colorado Vacation: The one in which Teddy becomes a real mountain dog.

This holiday weekend we traveled to Colorado and stayed with the usual friends and did the usual thing, relax.

It was Ted's first real road trip and he didn't totally love it.  In fact he was pretty antsy.  We arrived to our destination late Friday night and were welcomed by the terrified barking of one of the dogs that lives there.  Ted was spooked but curious and totally wired; Josh and I just wanted to sleep.  After some calming pets, Ted did settle and sleep.

The next morning was Teddy's moment to prove his breed.  We took him down to Lake Granby, along with our friends and their dogs and let him swim.  It was his first time swimming and his first time in the mountains but he fully embraced it.

He played hard the entire time we were there.  He made friends with three other black dogs and all in all was a wonderfully behaved puppy son.  As you can imagine he slept the entire drive home!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stitchin' Wednesday Belated: Scrap Headband

Now that summer is here it's ponytail-hair-out-of-my-face season. With my seemingly endless scraps (leftovers from the scrap flowers) I quickly put together this headband. If you have smaller scraps you can even make a patchwork headband! 

Quick. Easy. Functionable. Fashionable. 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stitchin' Wednesday: Knit Coozie

This week I decided to knit!  With warm weather already here in Kansas that means one thing at our house - back yard beers after work.  In order to keep that beverage cold you have to have a coozie!  With small balls of yarn left over from larger projects I was able to whip this up with a free pattern from ravelry.

It wasn't quite as easy as I had planned and had far more tails to weave in than I like so this might be a one of a kind Heather Knit for quite some time.  Once I find a proper button for that loop (I didn't have one in my stash, sad face) I know I will get some use out of it this summer.  That is if Josh doesn't make it his own first.

PS - Sorry for missing the last two weeks.  I have lots of great projects lined up this summer, so hopefully I'll be able to bring you regular weekly posts!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stitchin' Wednesday - Easy Loop Bag

This week I bring you another scrap fabric sewing project!  This one is even easier than last week, if you can sew a straight line you can sew this bag.

I went to google for scrap fabric ideas again (I have a problem buying the clearance salvage stuff) and found this great bag!  I must thank Daisy Janie for this one.  This pattern (provided for FREE on her page) is easily modified to any size you want.

I think it would make a great lunch bag at this size.  Bigger it would make a great laundry bag to hang on a door knob or a closet hook.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Craftacular Spectacular!

Thursday I was told about a Spring Craftacular that was going to take place in Wichita on Saturday (today).  This wasn't just any craft show either, it was going to be a vintage and handmade craft show.  It was described as Etsy in the flesh.  I had to go, and even though I could find no one to go with me, I went.  

I am so glad I did!  This certainly wasn't your typical craft fair with the same stuff.  It was indeed Etsy in the flesh!  Nearly all the vendors had Etsy stores and really cool stuff.  I amazingly got out of there with only having spend $75! 

These frames are so cool and really match our home decor style.  The crafter was really personable and funny.  Her store has even more cool things than what she had at her booth!  Check her out on etsy, Hendryx House Designs.

Josh, just last week, bought his first fly fishing rod.  I of course had to fuel his habit (bad me!) and buy him this sweet double sided case full of a variety of had tied flies!  If you love fly fishing he makes all kinds for all seasons and conditions!  Check him out, Huffman's Creations.  The shop is on vacation until Tuesday though!

Lastly, I got something fun for the kids I care for.  These fun shaped crayons will hopefully keep them excited for more than 5 mins!  Sadly I broke the stegosaurus's head off in transit back home.  If you like these check out lilabear colors on Etsy!

While there I got a flier for another fun even May 5th and I'm recruiting people to go with me!  It's called the Artisan Affair! If you're interested I have 4 spots open in my car!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April ice showers..?

I've always known April showers to bring May flowers but I can't say those showers are typically freezing rain.  Leave it to Kansas to teach me something new.  Tuesday I left for work at 6:00am (as I usually do) and it was a balmy 68 degrees outside.  When I left work for home at approximately 1:30pm it was 45 degrees with and icy wind.  Did I mention I wore Chacos and a t-shirt to work?  I was obviously not impressed.

As I went to bed that night it was thunder storming.  When I woke up Wednesday morning everything was covered in a nice layer of ice.   I then had to venture to work 30 miles away.  Don't worry, mom, I made it safely.

It was cold all day Wednesday and the ice stayed put.  As the sun was rising the warm glow really made the ice and whatever was underneath look so beautiful.  I had to sneak outside while the kids ate breakfast and snap a few quick photos.

Now the ice has all but melted in the warm sun and hopefully that is the last we will see of winter until next year.