Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blizzard of 2013: Part 1

Earlier this week on Wednesday around 8am snow started to fall from the Kansas sky.  Little did I know that this snowfall was going to make history.

It continued to snow all day Wednesday, and all day Thursday not stopping until late Thursday evening.  At final tally we had nearly 18 inches of snow!  Now having been born and raised in Michigan and having lived a year and a half in the mountains of Colorado 18 inches in 36 hours wasn't that much.

Then I learned that Wichita, 60 miles south of us has a record snow fall (in recorded history) of 15 inches and the 12 inches they received this week ranked #2 in largest snowfall on record!  I was unable to find the record snowfall for our town but that gives you some perspective.

The snow fell so fast and so steady that the KDOT could not keep up with roads.  That worked out to my benefit Thursday morning because I had a text from my 'boss' saying, "I don't want to offend you or your Subaru but you should stay home today." Who am I to turn down a snow day?

Josh and I spent the entire day with friends down the road and, just like when I was a kid on a snow day, played video games all day.  The guys did take a time out to shovel our driveway and theirs.  The dogs at our friends house welcomed the clear driveway by peeing on it.  Who wants to squat in a snowbank?

Friday I made it to work with my AWD on snow packed roads.  The Little Lady (almost 4) said while motioning out the sliding door, "Something beautiful happened, it snowed!" Luckily they had some hand my down snow gear (Little Guy had to wear his sisters old boots and pink snow pants).  While the baby was sleeping I took the older two outside.

Ralphy! Ralphy I can't get up!

Little Guy was not impressed with the snow.  He couldn't walk through the snow with his little legs and he was mad he couldn't    play on the swing set.  Needless to say he didn't last long and went inside shortly after going out.

Tears, snot, rosy cheeks and he's ready to go inside.
 Little Lady LOVED the snow.  I couldn't convince her to come inside. At one point she fell in the snow straight to her face, got up and kept going.  She insisted that I follow her around the trails she was blazing around the backyard.  Sadly, I couldn't get her to make a snow angel.

I brought with me a snowman in a sack kit that I've had for years but never had the chance to use.  Unfortunately, the snow was much to dry on Friday to make a snowman.  Little Lady was bummed, she'd been looking forward to this snowman all winter.  Yup, my bad for mentioning it before the promise of snow.

Luckily Josh and I were in their neck of the woods Saturday (we picked up Teddy!) so we stopped by.  The snow was now perfect for a snowman!  Teddy, Josh, the kids, and their daddy got to work building a snowman.

Daddy and kids working hard on their first snowman.

Little Lady and her Kansas snowman.
Little Guy would still rather be inside.

After the snowman, Kstate hat, fishing pole and duck decoy, were complete the Daddy told me that this was the first snowman he had even built, EVER!  I could hardly believe it, but I'm glad he got to share that experience with his kiddos.  I hope it's something they remember!

We are expecting more snow after midnight tonight through noon-ish on Tuesday.  Maybe I'll get another snow day!  I know many of you miss Teddy just as much as we did, and I assure you he is indeed a perfect little gentleman now.  I will be sure to post pictures of him romping in the snow soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Presidents Valentine Honeymoon Weekend

Josh and I were fortunate enough to be able to head back to the Fraser Valley to shred some gnar pow pow (you either don't understand that or want to hit me) and really relax.

Sadly, I was much to busy letting the mountain beat the crap out of me to take too many pictures but I assure you, we had a great time.

We arrived late Thursday night in time to go to bed and be up early Friday to head to Winter Park/Mary Jane resort to snowboard for the first time since we lived there (3 years!).   We hit the mountain hard Friday and Saturday.  I personally hit it so hard I couldn't even do a full second day.  My everything hurt.

Sunday we slept in and just enjoyed being back in a place we both love.  We saw a few old friends and explored a few new places.  One of those places was Fraser Valley Hot Dog.  I love hot dogs. These aren't just any old hot dogs either, check the menu.  So if you are ever in Winter Park, go here.

Over the course of the weekend we also ate some delicious meals of Elk and drank some beers and homemade orange hooch with good old friends.  Friends who already have our return planned out.  But then I'd have to change the name of the blog, what a hassle!

Ah, Fraser, how I miss thee.

PS - Teddy comes home from puppy school this weekend!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Teddy's Boarding School Adventure!

I just dropped Teddy off to boarding school.  Josh and I decided a few weeks ago that we didn't have the time or the know-how to really train our Teddy the way he deserved to be trained, so we sent him off to be trained.  He will be there for two weeks and will learn basic leash training as well as sit, stay, and other basic commands.

While there he will get to play with lots of other dogs including a Great Dane pup!  Since Ted is a bit of a sissy they told me they will even work on boosting his confidence!  He's going to come back a real gentleman!

Sadly, I wasn't able to get "first day of school" pictures and yes, I know, he's going to grow so much while he is gone.  I will visit him next week, and he's only gone for two weeks total.  In the grand scheme of things, it's a short time for a well behaved pup.

And no, I did not cry when I dropped him off, but the house is eerily quiet without him.

Teddy and his dad.

This picture was taken almost 3 weeks ago already! I really need to photograph him more!  Maybe school will make him more photogenic. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Belated Birthday Post

I've waited to write this post because I wanted to include a relevant picture but as it turns out we didn't take any pictures. Why?

Because you can't take pictures of magic. That's right, magic.

I had an insignificant birthday last week and on Friday Josh, myself and two friends went to dinner at a hibachi place. Of course on a Friday the place was busy so we went to the bar for a drink while we waited.

The bartender was amazing. His name is Doug, and he does magic.

He stared with a few card tricks, sure anyone can do that. Then he put a broken tooth pick back together good as new! But the trick that had us all in total awe... Doug places three cherries under three shakers. He mixed the up, then lifted one, and under was one cherry. Under the next shaker, two cherries! Under the third, three cherries! That's six total cherries when we started with only three.

Doug wasnt finished. He then stacked the shakers and listed the top one...a cherry! He lifted the next shaker...a lime! And when he lifted the final orange! No freaking joke!

If you don't believe me visit Diamru Steakhouse in Salina, KS, go to the bar and ask for Doug.

Best. Birthday. Ever.