Sunday, March 3, 2013

Clean Clothes!

Until last Friday, Josh and I had been unable to do a load of laundry since Sunday, February 10th.  For those of you who don't math well, thats just shy of 3 weeks.  That was the day Josh deemed our dryer, purchased straight out of someones storage unit, unfit to safely and adequately dry clothes.

Before we left for Colorado the following Thursday Josh did a load of laundry at his parents house and we did a load while in Colorado.  Needless to say since then we have been stretching our wardrobes and re-wearing clothes.  Josh was running out of clean undies, and I was out of clean socks.

Luckily with the help of both our parents we were able to pick out a brand new set on Thursday.  By the time we got the things home, set up and run through the preliminary wash all the factory gunk out cycle it was too late and we were too tired to wash any clothes.  Friday after I came home from work though, it was time for them to be put to work.

After somewhere around 10 loads (clothes, sheets, towels, smelly puppy stuff...) our drawers and closets are full.  The set we got isn't super special or top of the line but it is new, energy star, has eco water saver and best of all - it cleans and dries our clothes!

It's funny how being a adult changes the things you get excited about.  I was actually excited for new appliances. Or perhaps I was just excited to have clean clothes.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Blizzard of 2013: Part 2 - The Blizzard of Oz

I'm a bit late in recounting the second part of the blizzard story.  The reason is a bit embarrassing but I have to admit I *gasp* misplaced my camera.  No worries, it has been located and currently sits safely beside me.

I must say the term "Blizzard of Oz" was not something I coined but rather something I saw in a post from one of my knitting pals. Sadly, other than some fierce wind, the second part of our winter storm did not live up to the name.

The story begins Saturday with prep for the incoming storm.   With all the snow we had received earlier in the week had melted only enough to make it real wet and heavy.  Josh insisted we try to scrape the snow off our roof so the additional snow and ice didn't cause a collapse.  While I know that building codes are different depending on where you live I didn't realize that also meant that houses here in KS are built to withstand snow loads like they are back home in MI.  Similarly MI homes are not built to withstand the KS wind.  Anyhow, Josh tried to rig a scraper of sorts that broke immediately and is still on the roof.  Then he decided he'd just stand on the ladder and shovel it off with a 2x4.  He quickly tired of that and said, "Well if it does collapse that's what we have insurance for." Yeesh.

Josh, his 2x4, and the attempt and roof clearing.

Sunday afternoon Josh and I desperately needed to go grocery shopping so we headed out to Wal-Fart (thanks dad). As we pulled into the parking lot we were kind of surprised to see the place so busy.  We didn't realize Sunday afternoon was such a popular day to go shopping.

Upon entering the store we realized the real reason people were there.

Impending Doom!  The snow and the wind and the sleet and the ice!  Stock up now!  We need potatoes and snacks!  Don't forget the meat!  BREAD!  MILK! AHHHHH!!!!

Seriously, the place was freaking wiped out!  The meat section was actually empty.  There wasn't a single potato or banana in the place.  There was a line into and through the snack isle.  I truly could not believe it.

When we arrived home Josh checked the radar, the weather and the storm warning report.  It looked pretty bad.  It was to begin late Sunday evening, sleet, snow and blow and not quit until Tuesday afternoon.  He was very concerned about me having to drive to work Monday morning AWD or not and even became stern with me saying I either needed to go now and bring an overnight bag or don't go.  Of course I wanted to have another snow day but I was responsible, texted my "boss" and they did indeed need me since the dad can work from home.  So I reluctantly packed my bag and went to work Sunday night.

Monday was windy and sleety. I stayed Monday night at work as well to be on the safe side.  Tuesday morning there was 3 or 4 new inches of snow on the ground and that was that.  The Blizzard of Oz was over.  When I arrived home Tuesday evening Josh admitted that I probably would have been just fine driving to and from work but was glad we played it safe. I'm glad I have such a caring concerned husband!

As promised, pictures of Teddy!  He's home from school and nearly a perfect gentleman.  However, still hates the camera.  Sure this one is good but after several of his hind end.  He's just not photogenic.

But mom! I wanna play!

And in case you forgot we have a kitty, Mabel, the kitty in her favorite hiding place!

Don't come any closer!