Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stitchin' Wednesday - Easy Loop Bag

This week I bring you another scrap fabric sewing project!  This one is even easier than last week, if you can sew a straight line you can sew this bag.

I went to google for scrap fabric ideas again (I have a problem buying the clearance salvage stuff) and found this great bag!  I must thank Daisy Janie for this one.  This pattern (provided for FREE on her page) is easily modified to any size you want.

I think it would make a great lunch bag at this size.  Bigger it would make a great laundry bag to hang on a door knob or a closet hook.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Craftacular Spectacular!

Thursday I was told about a Spring Craftacular that was going to take place in Wichita on Saturday (today).  This wasn't just any craft show either, it was going to be a vintage and handmade craft show.  It was described as Etsy in the flesh.  I had to go, and even though I could find no one to go with me, I went.  

I am so glad I did!  This certainly wasn't your typical craft fair with the same stuff.  It was indeed Etsy in the flesh!  Nearly all the vendors had Etsy stores and really cool stuff.  I amazingly got out of there with only having spend $75! 

These frames are so cool and really match our home decor style.  The crafter was really personable and funny.  Her store has even more cool things than what she had at her booth!  Check her out on etsy, Hendryx House Designs.

Josh, just last week, bought his first fly fishing rod.  I of course had to fuel his habit (bad me!) and buy him this sweet double sided case full of a variety of had tied flies!  If you love fly fishing he makes all kinds for all seasons and conditions!  Check him out, Huffman's Creations.  The shop is on vacation until Tuesday though!

Lastly, I got something fun for the kids I care for.  These fun shaped crayons will hopefully keep them excited for more than 5 mins!  Sadly I broke the stegosaurus's head off in transit back home.  If you like these check out lilabear colors on Etsy!

While there I got a flier for another fun even May 5th and I'm recruiting people to go with me!  It's called the Artisan Affair! If you're interested I have 4 spots open in my car!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April ice showers..?

I've always known April showers to bring May flowers but I can't say those showers are typically freezing rain.  Leave it to Kansas to teach me something new.  Tuesday I left for work at 6:00am (as I usually do) and it was a balmy 68 degrees outside.  When I left work for home at approximately 1:30pm it was 45 degrees with and icy wind.  Did I mention I wore Chacos and a t-shirt to work?  I was obviously not impressed.

As I went to bed that night it was thunder storming.  When I woke up Wednesday morning everything was covered in a nice layer of ice.   I then had to venture to work 30 miles away.  Don't worry, mom, I made it safely.

It was cold all day Wednesday and the ice stayed put.  As the sun was rising the warm glow really made the ice and whatever was underneath look so beautiful.  I had to sneak outside while the kids ate breakfast and snap a few quick photos.

Now the ice has all but melted in the warm sun and hopefully that is the last we will see of winter until next year.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stitchin' Wednesday - Spring Flowers!

I'm excited to say I have a weekly feature with Homespun Crafters on facebook! Their page is dedicated to reusing and re-purposing items in your home to be useful or beautiful again.  My feature will be each Wednesday featuring stitched items.

With spring on it's way (it's not here yet and I have the pictures to prove it) I'm in the late stages of cabin fever. I needed something to satisfy my desire for spring color.  I'm not an overly creative person; I have a hard time coming up with original ideas so I took to google.

I have a bunch of fat quarter fabric samples I purchased a while back to use for a project and had several quarters left when I had finished.  The fabric is really pretty and speaks to my inner hippie (the line of fabric is called "bohemian soul"). I found a great project idea and tutorial through google on this blog.  It's long stemmed fabric flowers!  They only require a bit of fabric, your sewing machine, hot glue and some sticks.  I happened to have some floral stems from a time I made some knit roses so I used those.

I used different shapes, not just a scallop.  The pink one reminds me of a tulip which reminds me of spring time growing up in Michigan.  I bound them together with additional scrap fabric and a bit more hot glue.

They should certainly brighten up our nook and perhaps even suppress my cabin fever for a short time!