Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The mountains, a wedding, and a bathtub full of beer.

So I made it to Estes Park!  The ride up was great, as the folks that picked me up were a fun crew.  I was able to see a few good friends and meet some new ones.  Josh met me in Estes on Saturday a few hours before the wedding. We both decided that being in the mountains with perfect weather and some good friends made us quite home sick.  Neither of us are from there but we miss it tremendously.
How could you not love this?
 Upon each persons arrival they were greeted with a delicious beer!  The brides uncle home brewed a ton of great options for the entire weekend!  The cooler was a bathtub in the pavilion where most of the festivities took place.
Or this?  A bathtub full of home brew!
 Josh and I really are an attractive couple, don't you agree?  The rocks behind us are the foundation/walls of the old lodge we stayed in!  It was built in like 1927 I think and is on the national historic register!  I didn't get a photo of it myself but I did find a photo of it on the internet.
His tie matches my dress!

Mountain Side lodge at YMCA of the Rockies - Estes Park
The ceremony was very unique and very personal to the couple and their families.  They did a warming of the rings before they were exchanged.  I had never seen that before and quite liked it.  Also they had each set of parents welcome one of the couple to their family.  I thought that was wonderful because it really is a bonding of family as well and it's great to have them included.  Certainly things to consider for out yet to be planned ceremony!

Happily Married
After a quick weekend back at a higher altitude we made a quick drive over trail ridge road to visit some friends from where we used to live.  Then it was back down the mountain and across the nothingness that is eastern Colorado and western Kansas, back home to the prairie.

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's not just the house.

So I've done some thinking about this blog and it seems if we don't work on the house I have nothing to post about. Laura Ingalls, however posted about her while life on the prairie so I think that's what I will do as well.

This weekend Josh and I will be in Estes Park, CO celebrating the marriage of a good friend. I hope to have many picture to post next week. As of now though I'm sitting alone in a Starbucks in metro Denver due to some super crappy delays. Although the delays sucked I was able to see another good friend who rescued me from DIA and put me up for the night.

I should make it to Estes Park around 3pm this afternoon but I am gonna miss the girls nail appointment. Oh well I suppose, but my feet desperately needed that pedicure.

I'll close this post with a pic from the airport. It was a long delay.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cue the Curtains

Last week I didn't post because there was no progress to post about.  The Olympics opened and that is a pretty bit deal at our house.  We even hosted a tea party for the occasion.   Very little tea was consumed but the scones were a big hit!

This week(end) however there has been great progress in making this house a home.  For one we hung curtains in our bedroom.  After a small mistake with curtain length in the living room (I didn't know that if the store didn't have the length you wanted you could order it) we got it oh so right in the bedroom!
Floor to ceiling, baby!
We also sucked it up and ordered the second sham ($27 a piece!) as well as a light fill down alternative comforter in which to fill our cover.  It's looking more complete each weekend!
Bedding to last a lifetime!  Or at least it better!
Josh also spent a lot of time this week cleaning out the spare room!  To my great surprise it didn't all end up in the spare room's closet!  He even set up a work space for me, and I'm actually, for the first time, writing this post from the house itself!
We're going for minimalistic.
Since there isn't much for me to do this weekend I was able to apply one of the two bumper sticker I got while on our Pure Michigan vacation.  I'm not sure my fellow Kansans will really get it but I feel proud to represent the great state of Michigan!
You just can't do that with the shape of Kansas.
Hopefully soon I'll have more paint transformations (dining room, hall and spare room), as well as some personally created art work.  Our walls are so blank!