Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Garage: Official Man Cave

On halloween Josh asked me if we could get something.  Something a friend of his had.  He even took me to his house to show it to me.  He said he almost bought one without me but thought he'd better ask his wife first.

He wanted to turn out beer fridge into a kegerator.

I'm not sure why he thought I'd say no.  He had his speech to convince me ready, like a kid convincing their parents they really would take care of a puppy (he had a speech for that too). I listened of course, and after much (fake) deliberation I said yes.  Moments later it was ordered and set to arrive Tuesday.

It arrived on time but Josh was on duty so he had to wait.  When he arrived home on Wednesday the first thing he did was tear open that box and install the kit.  I wasn't here to witness it but I think I know him well enough to know thats totally what he did.

By the time I arrived home Josh had even secured us a keg of my favorite fall beer, New Belgium's 1554.  He says it was an act of god how we got it.  Long story short, it was the very last keg in the warehouse and the man that owns the distributing company in these parts personally delivered it to us.  Much to my surprise Josh even waited for my arrival to pour the first pints.  Oh how delicious it was.

And still is, because we now have beer on tap in our garage!

Our first pint!

Representing three states in one glass.

Mmm, 1554

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy House on the Prairie!

Wow! I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks again!  Time flies when you're busy!  Photography has really taken off for me, which I really was not anticipating but I'm very excited about.  Josh has been working another job on his off days as well as working in our yard preparing for the hard winter (as if KS has hard winters).  In that busy time Josh and I have still been able to add some homey touches to our house and it's really starting to feel cozy.  Sure, we don't have pictures on the walls yet, but with plaster walls, neither of us look forward to that.  We have a lot of pictures to hang...uhg.  Also we have a whole other room to paint but it requires LOTS of trimming out and we both loath that.  We're hoping we can get a certain someone to come do it for us and as payment we'll provide a lovely BBQ dinner (Laura, if you're reading this, we mean you).

I digress...

Here are some lovely photos of our house becoming a home!

Is anyone out there aware of the ridiculous price for throw pillows? It's ridiculous.  Josh had to convince me to spend money on these and now I'm so glad he did!

These pillows add much needed color to our dark green sofas in our dark brown room.

Beware of Guard Kitty!

Mabel makes a fierce guard kitty.  Beware friends and neighbors!


We found this squirrelly guy and his duck friend at a neat shop in Michigan when we were there in July.  They are a nice addition to our built in shelves.