Monday, June 25, 2012

Not quite a home.

This past weekend Josh had to work Friday and Sunday so that only left us Saturday to do anything around the house and luckily it wasn't much.  We worked on organizing the kitchen and the spare room, moving to the basement things that we don't use much or won't need until winter. This left me some time to get to baking to fill the plate the neighbor left us and we needed to return.  Josh and I settled on some recipe from the Gourmet magazine that was published in 1943.  I can't remember what it was called but it was basically a oatmeal biscuit cookie that you put jam on.  We chose a blackberry and raspberry jam.  Sadly I missed taking a photo of these but I didn't care for them anyway so no real loss.  But, while I was mixing away the door bell rang and there stands the neighbor with two beautiful cupcakes!  Pina colada  flavored!  They were sooo good I felt bad my cookies weren't going to live up to her cupcakes.

Banana strawberry cake with a lemon pineapple frosting. Amazing.

Yes, we have our furniture now!  And it's HUGE!  We didn't measure because Josh assured me it would fit, and it does, only in the configuration it's in.  I would be sad if it wasn't so awesomely comfy. Josh has a friend that is 6'5" and can lay down on the couch and not have his head or his feet touch the arm rests.  The chair is like half the length of the couch.  It's big.  Also please don't judge the quality of photos, these are the only ones in this post I'm really not proud of.

Sunday since Josh was working I was able to sleep late and play some Mario Kart!  I also wanted to surprise Josh by finally scrubbing all the leftover grout from the tile in the kitchen and nook. We just hadn't gotten around to it and neither of us really wanted to do it.  So I did it.  And it wasn't fun but the floor now looks amazing.  And Josh was seriously blown away that I had done it.  It was definitely a surprise.

I noticed in the last blog I didn't include actual photos of our little kitchen so here are those.

I also took some better shots of the actual house.  You'd never guess by the front view we have a full attic with potential for a master suite and a full unfinished basement with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and living space in addition to the 2 bedrooms 1 bath and such upstairs!  It's a pretty big little house!

Front View

Rear View

While in the back yard to take the previous picture I saw we have a beautiful flowering bush and it's in full bloom.  I'll leave you with these pictures! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome to home ownership!

What a busy weekend we had cleaning and arranging and moving (what few belongings we have) into our very own house.  Josh was on duty Friday so we weren't able to *officially* move things in until Saturday.  It didn't take long since Josh had moved things in before Friday, and since the only large piece of furniture we own is a bed.  While we were making trips back and forth I met the the neighbors to the east.  She was friendly and about our age with a little girl.

After we had stuff in the house we made a trip to the big city of Wichita to search for furniture we could agree on which was actually harder than I expected considering we made a decision on the house after only looking at 2 other houses (in the same day).  But we did it!  (Josh picks it up today so I'll have pictures of that next week.)  We also made stops at Target for a table for our breakfast nook, and Lowes for a reverse osmosis system for purifying drinking water (KS has BAD water for those of your lucky enough to not have to worry about it).  We also stopped for dinner at Doc Green's for a quick dinner.  If you've never been I recommend it.  

We didn't get back home until about 9:30pm.  Not long after returning home the doorbell rang.  It was our friendly neighbor!  She told us she's been waiting all day for us to come home so she could invite us over for cookies but now that it was so late she just brought the cookies to us.  How nice!  The cookies were on a nice plate so now we have to return it with something on it of course.  After loading up on cookies we put together our nook table tidied up a bit and went to bed.

The cookies after we'd eaten nearly all of them.
The nook table Josh and I built.

Sunday we were hoping to sleep in since we got to bed after midnight (darn table, and sugar from cookies), but all our fabulous windows let in the beautiful morning sun and we were up.  Josh was going to install the RO water system while I cleaned up and after we would relax and play drunk driver (on the wii).  The RO thing wasn't as easy to install as Josh hoped because he's not a plumber and the guy at ACE hardware wasn't either apparently because about 5 hrs, 4 trips to ACE, and a call to a plumber friend the task was finished.  I of course had the house spotless in much less time as was recruited to crawl under the kitchen sink to help.  Darn my small size.  My back paid the price - I was so sore that evening.  

I did manage to get some picture, although a bit random and not totally part of the story.  It would have been great to have some of the plumbing but this isn't E! True Hollywood Story and people aren't following us around with a camera, and if I did take some shots Josh may have punched me due to his frustration and his dislike of me "hovering".  So what you see is what you get for today!

Living room as seen from front door. 
Looking into the house from the front door.  It's almost the entire house!
Our messy spare "bed" room.  No bed yet though, so BYOB if you plan to visit.
Master bedroom, and the only piece of furniture we own.

Our fab earth tone dishes that we purchased like 2 years ago and never used and coincidentally chose that exact green as the color for the kitchen and a darn close yellow for the nook.  I'm glad our tastes haven't changed or we'd need new dishes! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

We bought a house...on the prairie!

Much like Laura Ingalls I moved from the Great Lakes area (Michigan) and ended up settling in Kansas.  Kansas wasn't my ideal place of residence but it's silly what love does to change ones mind.  My love, Josh, and I will be getting married in a few short months and we bought a house! We closed on it this afternoon! 

Josh will move in tomorrow (he's on duty today) and I will join him after our wedding in October.  I hope to have many pictures to share in the future of our remodeling, decorating, and life on the prairie!