Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Place, New Name

Check the new header!  Like it?  Notice the new name?  Because we no longer live on the prairie the original name was no longer fitting.  After much consideration I chose to just drop the location and stick with "The New Little House."

We don't have our own house yet.  We live communally with our two friends, their little girl, and their two dogs.  It's a pretty good situation, although temporary.  We hope to be able to have our own house by this spring, however we are at the mercy of the housing market which up here is pretty slim picking.

Josh is enjoying his new job and new position.  I am still unemployed but hope to start work soon so long as my background check checks out.

Teddy loves being a mountain dog.  He has made friends with the dogs here and they have been showing him how to live the mountain dog lifestyle.  He has been cross country skiing and romping in the deep snow.  His favorite activity though seems to be chasing Charley, who is quite tolerant of his puppy ways.

All in all we are settling in well and are so very happy to be back in the mountains!