Saturday, April 13, 2013

Craftacular Spectacular!

Thursday I was told about a Spring Craftacular that was going to take place in Wichita on Saturday (today).  This wasn't just any craft show either, it was going to be a vintage and handmade craft show.  It was described as Etsy in the flesh.  I had to go, and even though I could find no one to go with me, I went.  

I am so glad I did!  This certainly wasn't your typical craft fair with the same stuff.  It was indeed Etsy in the flesh!  Nearly all the vendors had Etsy stores and really cool stuff.  I amazingly got out of there with only having spend $75! 

These frames are so cool and really match our home decor style.  The crafter was really personable and funny.  Her store has even more cool things than what she had at her booth!  Check her out on etsy, Hendryx House Designs.

Josh, just last week, bought his first fly fishing rod.  I of course had to fuel his habit (bad me!) and buy him this sweet double sided case full of a variety of had tied flies!  If you love fly fishing he makes all kinds for all seasons and conditions!  Check him out, Huffman's Creations.  The shop is on vacation until Tuesday though!

Lastly, I got something fun for the kids I care for.  These fun shaped crayons will hopefully keep them excited for more than 5 mins!  Sadly I broke the stegosaurus's head off in transit back home.  If you like these check out lilabear colors on Etsy!

While there I got a flier for another fun even May 5th and I'm recruiting people to go with me!  It's called the Artisan Affair! If you're interested I have 4 spots open in my car!

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