Sunday, August 18, 2013

When the Husband is away...

...The wife will do things the husband has put off and won't help her with so that he can't argue about the outcome.

We've had plans to hang photos and things on the wall in our middle room for a while.  Although a large collage wall was Josh's idea he has been less than enthusiastic about hanging anything.  Meanwhile, I've been collecting frames and photos to be hung.

Last week Josh was gone for a training in Alabama.  I don't have much going on when he is gone and staring at that empty room was getting to me.  I've had all the command picture hanging hooks for a while so I just went for it and hung a few things.

And then it came to me... This room could actually be a functioning space!  We hadn't done anything with it because we thought it had to be a dining room and we for many reasons, didn't want it to be a dining room.  I didn't have all of the pieces I needed to make it what I had envisioned but I thought if I could set it up right maybe I could sell the idea to Josh.

What I surprised Josh with.
Our final product!
As you can see Josh totally bought into it!  It makes the house feel so much more inviting and homey.  We have more frames and photos to hang but this is a thousand times better than it was!