Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Great Wind of 2013

It happened on a Thursday.

The winds picked up.

The clouds to the South west grew dark.

Josh calls, "Turn on the TV - channel 12.  It's about the get bad."

I turn on the TV.  I look out the window, it's raining.

The winds are blowing straight and hard.  Branches next door have fallen, Leaves are swirling.

Lights flicker and go dark. The cable goes out.  Unsure of what is about to happen I take Mabel and Teddy to the basement.  Then we hear it.

We didn't know what it was at the time but we all jumped.

The winds calmed but the rain and thunder continued.  We go upstairs and see something out the back door that isn't usually there.

A tree.  A HUGE tree.

Once the rain stops and I am able to inspect the damage, I find that it's more than one tree, it's TWO HUGE TREES!  We are so lucky that the trees fell  across the yard.  The damage (as far as we can tell) is minimal, the garage and a back window.

Josh comes home.  He is totally shocked.  In the message I left him I left him he was under the impression it was just a large branch, not two trees! We heard later that winds were clocked in town at 88mph!

It's really difficult to get a decent photo that captures the real extremity of the situation.  We can't even begin clean up until we have all the right quotes for tree removal and damage sent in to the insurance company.  Poor Teddy doesn't have a back yard and you can tell he misses it.

View out the back door.

Tree #1

Tree #2

Garage Damage

Window Damage

Because we were out of power, lines down, Thursday, we stayed with friends Thursday night.  Friday, Teddy was able to come to work with me (we still didn't have power. lines still down).  The two youngest kiddos didn't really care that he was there, but the oldest - she and Ted are now besties! She whispered him secrets, gave him treats, played fetch with him and even asked when he was going to come over again.  Much to my delight Ted tolerated, probably even loved, every moment of it!

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