Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colorado Vacation: The one in which Teddy becomes a real mountain dog.

This holiday weekend we traveled to Colorado and stayed with the usual friends and did the usual thing, relax.

It was Ted's first real road trip and he didn't totally love it.  In fact he was pretty antsy.  We arrived to our destination late Friday night and were welcomed by the terrified barking of one of the dogs that lives there.  Ted was spooked but curious and totally wired; Josh and I just wanted to sleep.  After some calming pets, Ted did settle and sleep.

The next morning was Teddy's moment to prove his breed.  We took him down to Lake Granby, along with our friends and their dogs and let him swim.  It was his first time swimming and his first time in the mountains but he fully embraced it.

He played hard the entire time we were there.  He made friends with three other black dogs and all in all was a wonderfully behaved puppy son.  As you can imagine he slept the entire drive home!

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